Frequently Asked Questions About The Effectiveness Of Online Therapy

Without a doubt, technology has significantly contributed to a better quality of life.  Numerous technological advancements and developments over the years made life more convenient. Activities and everyday tasks are more comfortable and more accessible for more people by the day.

Now, even in the healthcare industry, technology is useful for a lot of things. It is not solely for medical equipment, facilities, or clinical research but has taken a new form called telemedicine.

Psychological healthcare providers have been promoting telemedicine even before the outbreak of COVID. Telemedicine maximizes the use of technology and the internet. It has quickly carved a niche for itself because of the restrictions placed by the pandemic.

Face-to-face therapies have become less accessible.  With telemedicine, consultations, prescriptions, and therapies have become much more accessible.


Telepsychiatry, also known as telemental health care, is a developing branch of telehealth. It is a broad spectrum of effective mental health treatments and approaches on a virtual or remote scale. It is one of the most sought after online medical services, the most popular being teletherapy.

Teletherapy is different from in-person or traditional solutions. Its main focus is to provide treatment through video-conferencing, audio/calls, or text messaging. 

Many people are still skeptical about telehealth’s effectiveness, but there is evidence to support its impact. Numerous studies have shown that many patients see continuous improvement in their mental state.

Online mental health care services, such as teletherapy, may be unconventional. Still, they can significantly provide the same support and intervention.

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions about teletherapy and its effectiveness.

What is the best online therapy site?

Telemedicine is becoming more popular due to its convenience. Considered to be the best online therapy site is BetterHelp. It is an online platform where they offer comprehensive mental health support for teens, couples, adults, and families.

At the same time, their counseling services are conducted by qualified professionals. BetterHelp gives you the liberty to message your therapist at any time and schedule your sessions when it is most convenient for you.

Does online therapy really work?

Studies have suggested that online therapy works as well as face-to-face consultation. There are specific therapies that work just the same, even remotely, as cognitive-behavioral therapy. This treatment is talk therapy for specific mental health conditions.

Should I try online therapy?

There is no harm in trying online therapy, especially if you feel like it is more convenient and comfortable for you. Aside from that, online therapy can be more affordable than the traditional method. Rest assured that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

What are the 3 types of therapy?

The three types of therapy are the following:

1. Psychotherapy

It involves exchanging thoughts with a licensed mental health practitioner.

2. Traditional Therapy

It is often called counseling, which may be done in groups.

3. Exposure Therapy

The name itself is about triggering symptoms in patients under a controlled environment.

Is online counseling Safe?

Online counseling is safe, but people should still be wary because there may also be risks involved. It is crucial to find a trusted online site where you can be sure your private information is secured and not leaked.

It is also critical that you check and verify the license of your chosen mental health professional.


What type of therapist makes the most money?

Data suggests that a psychiatrist is the type of therapist that makes the most money. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in treating mental disorders with medication management. They can also do talk therapy if needed.

Which type of therapy is best?

Given that psychotherapy is the most common form of therapy used to treat numerous mental illnesses, it is also considered the best therapy type.

Different psychotherapy forms, such as cognitive-behavior therapy, humanistic therapy, psychoanalysis therapy, and holistic therapy.

How do I choose a therapist?

Choosing the right therapist for you is an essential step in therapy. It would be best to find someone who is credible and reliable. Look for a therapist whom you are comfortable with to open up with and whom you can trust.

A therapist must be like a friend or a family that you can confide in anytime, with no judgment. Also, make sure that your therapist does not impose anything on your life.

Do therapists hug their clients?

Physical contact is strictly not permitted between a therapist and the client. Although a client initiates the hug in some cases, a therapist may allow it under his/her discretion but should only be a sidewards hug with minimal contact and should be brief.

Is there a shortage of mental health therapists?

The United States is currently experiencing a shortage of mental health therapists. With the numbers of mental health sufferers alarmingly increasing day-by-day, the demand is also increasing. There are not enough licensed mental health practitioners to help or are readily accessible to the general public.

As a medical practice, remote healthcare has seen exponential growth in its popularity since the global health crisis.  For many psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental healthcare providers, virtual appointments are the norm.

There are multiple internet platforms or sites available for teletherapy to choose from. Some are even free.  For many people who suffer from mental health disorders, this is a feasible way for them to get the help they need.


Online therapy offers a wider range of opportunities for people who couldn’t access proper mental health care services before. Logistical problems, busy schedules, and other obstacles are easier to plan around.

More than that, it is more affordable. People can do it in the comfort of their homes without having to worry about transportation costs. Even when it isn’t free, teletherapy is far less expensive. 

Telemedicine is far from perfect and has its own set of limitations.  Exclusively seeing their healthcare providers through the screen can be difficult for a lot of patients. Opening up and being honest about their conditions can feel unnatural and stop them from doing so.

Doctors are no exception to its limits. Diagnosing patients can be harder to do virtually. Technology can be elusive for people who are older in age. 

Telemedicine in psychiatry and psychological health services has a bright future ahead. Evidence suggests telepsychiatry delivers outstanding mental health care. It is a practical alternative to traditional treatments. Online therapy can save more lives.

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