The Science Of Happiness That Contributes To Family Dynamics

As an individual, you go from worrying about your happiness to caring for others. It is human nature. The idea of wanting to provide others the right amount of mental and emotional stability somehow lies in your ability to do so. No, it is not an obligatory task. But with your compassion and selfless love, you sometimes give everything you got, especially to the ones you love – family.


In your life, you often go from being merely a member of your family to being the leader. That is where the epiphany starts. It is where you realize something that you genuinely need to accomplish. It’s when you have these thoughts of changing the chapters of everybody’s lives because you know you have to. You become the center of hope and motivation of the whole unit.

Knowing What Makes Others Happy

Being part of a unit called family requires all sorts of contributions. There is a contribution to everybody’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. That particular knowledge of your purpose can lead you to the fulfillment of your goal, which is to provide the family with the kind of happiness they deserve. But how would you know what makes them happy? Here’s how.

You Value Their Effort – If you know and understand the value of efforts your family puts into gaining something, that is where you can tell their happiness lies. It could be something related to their talents, hobbies, and interests. When you genuinely take a moment to appreciate their hard work, that makes them appreciate you back and loves you more unconditionally.


You Understand Their Actions – Family members who sometimes end up hating each other somehow relate to not understanding others’ actions. As an individual, you are capable of understanding. But sometimes, you take someone’s actions too seriously. That explains why you either get offended or you simply just ignore.

You Know Their Ups And Downs – You will never fully commit to making your family happy when you don’t know their ups and downs. Thus, it is essential that you take a moment and asks them about their thoughts and how they feel. Because sometimes, even the strongest or toughest individual in the family needs to know that someone can see that they are not always okay.

You Pay Attention – Perhaps you often hear that communication is the best way to keep family in a better relationship. That is true. However, communication inside the home doesn’t always have to be conversational. There are times that all you have to do is pay attention. You pay attention to what your family wants, what makes them sad, what strengthens them, and alike.

You Know What’s Going On – The secret to a family’s happiness is knowing what is going on. It is where you and your family understand everyone’s roles in keeping each member’s balance. You understand the stress and frustrations that everyone deals with every day. And you make an effort to help them no matter what.


Knowing What Makes You Happy

In a family dynamic, of course, not everything is all about your family’s happiness. Sometimes, you got to introduce to them your happiness. But can you identify what makes you happy? Here are some of the few things perhaps you would agree with.

When You See Them Smile – The secret to a happy family is always selfless love. That explains why when you see your loved ones smile, you become relieved as well. You attract all the positive energy they release and use it to fuel your desire. It makes your mental and emotional state capable of handling anxiety, stress, and even other sorts of mental illnesses.

When You Know Your Sacrifices Are Worth It – Not all individuals are willing to sacrifice their happiness. However, a few people can manage to live with sorrows and pain because they know their sacrifices will be worth it. They understand the necessity of giving up everything only to make way for a better future for the family. Though sometimes the action gets misunderstood, still, everyone appreciates the action.


When You Feel Loved And Appreciated – Happiness is not expensive. That is why when you feel appreciated and loved, you automatically become happy. Your family understands your needs as much you understand theirs. They also worry about you as much as you worry about them. Your happiness is their happiness.

Now that you understand how important happiness is to your family dynamics, you better do something about it. Never assume you still got plenty of time because that is where you tend to wastes all the little moments in between. So do yourself a favor and allow happiness to take place in your family relationship. Spend time with them, learn new things about them, and never forget to ask them if they are okay.

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