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In the last 2018 world science festival, people gave way to science topics under the field of human biology, physics, astronomy, and chemistry. But the branch of science that took the audience in complete awe is robotics. That is because its discussion brought a lot of fantastic information as to where people can expect how AI will soon change the future.


In the current advancement of robotics, we now have the most highly-developed human-like robot. That is Sophia created by Hanson Robotics. She is known for being the most intelligent robot that uses voice recognition and facial expression. Sophia’s AI is proven to become more advanced over time. As a matter of fact, she can now walk slowly. In terms of the advancement of the already advanced robot is the promise of it having full consciousness in five years. It may sound very intriguing, but the creator of humanoid Sophia, David Hansen, believes that machines will soon have full consciousness.

Another thing that catches the audience’s attention is the future of machines in the human world. One may think about Sci-Fi movies becoming true. But that is where it leads creators to pursue their goal. AI will soon create an army of fully-functioning robots that can help and sustain human lives. It gets expected that AI will carry out tasks and other activities effectively with the use of well-established programmed machine technology.


We can see a lot of people getting hooked on the idea. However, some still do not support the whole advancement. There is a debate as to whether AI will eradicate the human forms on the planet or not. But as far as robotics is concerned, the main goal of establishing a fully self-aware robot is for the sole purpose of human’s technological convenience.


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