Make A Stand In Fighting Global Warming: Things We Can Do To Stop It


Global warming is an imminent problem humanity is facing. Climate change happens in every region of the globe from wildfires, typhoons, hurricanes, hailstorms, and more. These events are now happening one after the other, and global warming plays a significant role in it.

Although global warming is a huge issue affecting all the lives here on earth, it is quite confusing why we are not doing anything to stop it, or if there are some, the number is unfortunately low compared to the people inhabiting it. There are some agencies supporting campaigns battling with global warming, but the majority of the world population seems not so interested in fighting its dangers.


Why Are We So Lenient In Dealing With Global Warming?

  • Most people think they are not directly affected by global warming, but its effects are slowly changing every household, mostly some more than the others, but people should make no mistake as it will take its toll soon enough. We may not be around to witness it, but the sons of our sons will, and we could only imagine how harsh Mother Nature can be when she has had enough.


  • Most people think they cannot make a difference. In a single country, the number of ordinary people outnumbers those who have the authority to maybe 1 million to 1, and because of this, people are too reliant on the people in charge.


  • Most people think their effort will be useless if everybody else is doing the opposite. Maybe we could ponder a bit from the song of the great Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror.” In the song, it says “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make a change.” If nobody initiates the change or if we are all waiting for one another to take a step, then we will be waiting forever, and the world we live in will inevitably be doomed.

There are many ways we can contribute to stopping global warming, and these ideas no matter how simple will make a difference. We need to know that we are all in this together as we are all affected by global warming, so everyone should take part.


What Are The Ways We Can Stop Global Warming?

Conserve Energy

The more we use energy, the more we contribute to the pollution which is the primary cause of global warming. In conserving energy, we can switch to energy-saving lights, lessen the use of appliances, take a walk when the destination is not so distant to use a car.


Conserve Water

Water is a necessity, and we could only imagine how much we consume in a day, whether for drinking, cleaning, washing, or bathing. If we want to conserve water, we should immediately turn off the faucets when not in use. As much as possible, we should have our pipes checked regularly for leaks. We could also benefit from gathering water from the rain to water our plants instead of relying on automatic garden watering.




Production of new things requires more energy than recycling items such as paper, plastic, and metals. Also, we may think that once we get rid of our wastes, they disappear for good – vanished from this world, but NO! They go straight to landfills which produces greenhouse gases for decomposition.


Plant Trees

We all have probably learned the fact that plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen ever since we were little. We also know that carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. So what can be concluded out of this? Deforestation causes global warming, and because most of us cannot stop the building projects of large modernization companies, we can join groups who are active in planting trees. We could also plant some in our backyard.


Spread Awareness

The internet is very influential, and sometimes its voice is powerful enough to make people make a move. We have seen many campaigns successfully done through it. Sharing awareness is much more important than sharing our selfies, so it would be more comfortable and more meaningful to use social media for a cause.

Every person inhabiting Earth should make a move towards battling global warming. We are all responsible for it, whether we are in power or not. After all, we are breathing the same air and standing on the same soil. Whether we have a voice or not, it doesn’t matter as our battle starts within our home. We have the choice to make our household pre-restoration, or we are okay to sit and watch humanity’s annihilation.

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