Why Chemistry Should Not Be The Most Hated Subject

Try asking around students about their most hated subject. They will answer either Math or Chemistry. How could they hate these two essential subjects which could help them tremendously in life? These two hold facts and equations that are constant which gives you a vital knowledge in surviving.

What is chemistry?

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Chemistry is a branch of science that focuses on the composition of matter. It is tackles how substances react with one another, and it is also the branch of science that is responsible for creating new elements that are beneficial to our lives.


Why Is Chemistry Important?

It is vital to study chemistry because chemicals compose everything around us including our body, and we often refer to it as the chemistry of life. According to Live Science, there are about 60 chemicals that composes the human body, but their uses are still unknown.

Our atmosphere, sun, and the food we eat, or the gas we use to run our car is all about chemistry. Imagine if there is no study about it, how can we come up with what we see around us? Life would be back to the ice age, or even nothingness as even the cavemen somehow used fire back then.


How Do We Benefit From Chemistry?

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  • Chemistry is beneficial in the medicine world. It is vital that we know about basic chemistry to come up with medicines that will alter the effects of health disturbances. As discussed earlier, we also have the chemistry of life, and if one of the chemicals in our body increases or decreases, there will be an effect on our health. Studying chemistry makes us knowledgeable in finding a solution to our health problems.


  • Chemistry is beneficial in cooking as it makes us aware of the component of food. We are now aware of which substances are harmful to us and which are not. It educates us which to avoid if we don’t want to get a stomach ache, and it also explains how we can cook food and how they get spoilt. Even the taste of food is chemistry, as it helps determine the outcome of the flavor based on the ingredients used.


  • Chemistry happens every minute and everywhere. It happens when you take a shower and turn on the faucet. It makes us understand which we should use for a particular need like using the right chemical in cleaning the toilet, dishes car, our hair, or even our body. We don’t come up with these things out of nowhere.

Since now you know some of the benefits of chemistry, it would be easier to understand why students are struggling with it. Some may be fascinated while some are avoiding it. It is because chemistry is extensive and complicated, but once you are knowledgeable about it, the things you can do to make your life easier is unlimited. If you know someone or you have a child interested in or struggling with chemistry, make a move to help them. They may be the future chemists who will make the discovery of the century.


What Is A Chemist?

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Chemists are one of the most important people on earth. They are scientists studying the properties of chemical substances and their uses. They learn about what happens when a chemical combines with another. Humanity owes a lot to our chemists. We have found a cure for diseases which at some point in time challenged our wellness.

Who says chemistry is one of the most hated subjects? Well, they may not be fully aware of the benefits of chemistry. If we are all aware of the effects of each chemical on us, which are hazardous and which are beneficial, then it wouldn’t be too hard for us to contribute to the betterment of the world we are inhabiting, and we will be helping to its wholeness instead of destruction.

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