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It is not every day that you know and understands the things that are happening to you negatively. Yes, you may agree that some of the outcomes of your life are the result of your consistent decisions. But not all of them are merely a conclusion of what you can do. That is because some are the results of your way of thinking. Of course, you are not perfect, and you often make mistakes when it comes to handling your emotions and actions. But your imperfection is not an excuse to put your psychological state on the verge of breaking down. Maybe it is time for a self-evaluation where you have to ask yourself why you keep on putting your mental health on the line.


Overthinking About Solutions Without Understanding The Problem

One of the most crucial parts of assisting your mental health is to avoid overthinking. However, not only it is challenging to do, but it is also not applicable when you are emotionally unstable. When you are in an instance where everything appears to fall apart, there is no way you can control your thoughts instantly. Not that it is impossible, though. But getting in the right track of focus and concentration will take too much time, effort, and energy. But why is that? Well, the answer is because you overthink of a solution without understanding the problem. It is not only you who experiences it. A lot of people are often like that. It is as if the main focus of getting things in order is to aim directly at a goal. However, what all people forget to acknowledge is the idea of following a specific process. Everyone can have a goal, but not all of them follow the process. What do you think will happen to that? Well, people will have nothing but an emotional and mental dilemma.


You Avoid The Truth In Search For An Answers

You see, the only thing that can prolong a mental agony is you are in denial. When you keep pushing on getting answers without accepting and considering the truth, you become blinded by your thoughts. You forcibly remove yourself away from learning and understanding things that affect your emotional and mental state. Why? That is because you are afraid. You do not want to hear the damaging truth of everything. As much as possible, you want to close your mind and stop thinking about negativity. That is okay. A lot of people will advise you to do that because of the idea that it is not helpful. However, you never care to ask yourself if that is the truth. You never intend to make room for yourself to see if those damaging thoughts and feelings are genuinely harmful or not. You never try to embrace the pain. With that, you lose all the chances of becoming mentally strong and capable.



There are a lot of things you do that you thought is okay for your emotional and mental health. However, maybe it is time for you to consider thinking about it.

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