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Perhaps in your childhood, you experienced the pressure of becoming extraordinary. That is anywhere near the virtue of intelligence, popularity, skills, and looks. Maybe you understand that the point of that desire comes from the floundering sense of your parents’ own selves or merely your desire to become the best. With that, you feel obliged to achieve better things and could not become just you. Unfortunately, in that state, your motives and tastes were never part of the picture. That particular thing is what makes your mental health weak.



Mental Wellness And The Unseen Damage

Mental health is always about a significant amount of pressure. Some things combine all the anxiety, agitation, and depression altogether. It can be due to the aim of success or wanting to become different. With that, the focus of trying hard becomes everybody’s goal, and achieving something becomes a validation of someone’s capability. However, the definition of achievement is not always fun. Sometimes, it is a thing that triggers toxicity for no reason. Most often, it corresponds to the growth of mental breakdown. Yes, there are times that you might think that being emotionally and mentally okay is a good thing. From there, you assume that you know better and you are capable of doing more. But come to think of it. Those people who put up the skyscraper, perform great on stage, and write the bestselling books may be the unstable ones. Have you ever thought of that?


The Help From A Mental Breakdown

Years of achievements are always full of struggles. You can agree to that. Sometimes, if you get lucky, you can still wake up in bed and do your daily routine. But for some, it can be the end for them. It somehow makes them covered with full depression. They begin to feel an all-consuming sense of stress and anxiety where it makes them refuse to eat, go outside, and mingle with people.

As you can see, there is the whole scenario of a mental breakdown going on. But regardless of all those adverse outcomes, a mental breakdown is not a piece of dysfunction and madness. The truth is, it is somehow the reality of achieving an articulate but inconvenient psychological assistance. It becomes the mind’s attempt to force itself to process things accordingly. Paradoxically, the whole mental breakdown supports a jumpstart of getting better through the position of falling very mentally ill.


The misconception about a mental breakdown is its assumed toxic effect. However, its function lies in its capability to build blocks that hinder the damage of the subconscious mind. The truth is, it is not about what you emotionally get from how you psychologically think. It is more on what you have from what you are currently trying to do. Meaning, having a mental breakdown does not always mean toxicity and imbalance. Sometimes it can also allow self-development and self-understanding. It supports overall growth and awareness that is useful in changing and making things better.



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