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There are times that you think you are in a balanced state. That is where you feel the emotional and mental aspect are getting along with each. It seems like there is nothing that can break your sense of well-being. With that, you feel that the thing you positively have right at the moment is what will make you an exceptional one. Perhaps that is because you know you can control your thoughts and feelings and that you are confident that it will not affect your decisions at any cost. Maybe you believe that the balance you have will allow you to become ahead of everything you do. With that, you get the impression that you needed to become extraordinary. But do you feel relaxed about your condition?


A Manic Over Achiever

The problem with people with too much confidence is that they do not anticipate failure. Well, maybe it can be a great thing because it can help with motivation. However, the attitude of becoming an overachiever is one factor that makes everything dangerous. Not only it can damage focus and concentration, but it can also affect a person’s point of view. But it is not like you will commit a crime if you get to feel overconfident about yourself and dream of becoming exceptional. No, it is nothing like that. There are chances that the result is different from what you thought and what everybody else’s believes.

The desire of becoming exceptional gets noted for those people who can both have skills and luck. That is only a once in a lifetime possibility, though. For most people, aiming for extraordinary things leads to the belief that things can never be enough. It means that most people haven’t managed to beat the insane statistical odds of becoming almost perfect. With that, individuals will start cursing and hating themselves because of failure.


Mental Stability

You might wonder what makes someone extraordinary. Well, there are tons of reasons. However, it is not a guarantee that because they are exceptional, you can also become one just because you think you can be one. Face it. You need to understand that being rare does not mean people can do a lot of things. There is no assurance that the great minds of these individuals are stable and at its best performing level. So that means if you only rely on the idea that because you have a balanced emotional and mental health, you can do anything, you are wrong. Things can become different for all we know. So aiming for exceptionality, it is not going to be worth it.

Honestly, if you get to have a balanced mental and emotional state, give thanks to that. It is not always that people get a hold of that positivity. Do not try and ruin your mindfulness just because you want to become unique or more likely exceptional. Allow things to happen accordingly. Just aim to become mentally okay, and everything will go well.

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