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The enigma with a lot of us is that we often forget that mental conditions are sometimes invisible. That even if there are individuals who tell us that they are not happy; there is a significant chance that we ignore it entirely. Most of the times, we believe that whenever we see confident persons, we automatically assume they are all self-aware individuals. However, we entirely do not know what is going on in their lives. There are too many assumptions that somehow leave the whole situation in a bias state. And even if we asked a therapist, the expert will agree that it is genuinely unfair for an individual to fight his emotional and mental battles alone.


It is understandable that when it comes to mental health, a lot of individuals try as much harder to hide what they are going through. Perhaps they don’t want others to judge them and think that they are weak. Or maybe these people only want to solve their issues alone because they don’t want to become a burden to others. Whatever reasons they have, it is entirely understandable. However, for some of us who happen to notice signs and symptoms of an unwanted psychological condition, we must not ignore it. We need to allow ourselves to become involved in these anxious and depressed individuals’ lives. We need to help them understand their situations. But for us to do that, we have to know the facts about those individuals who are struggling with mental health problems.

Suicidal Incidents

Men are less likely to discuss their emotional and mental problems compared to women. That is the reason why their suicidal numbers are much higher than women. And since most of them are concern about their ego, these men with mental illnesses are also unwilling to seek professional help. A lot of studies can confirm this, and they consider this the most challenging part of treating mental health issues. That is because men picture out mental and emotional problems as a sign of weakness. There is a significant stigma behind a man who often feels emotional. It is as if there is a reminder that once a man feels depressed, he becomes incapable. That is the reason why most men cope from a mental condition in silence.


In Denial

The problem with mental health issues is that nobody wants to admit they have a mental disorder. No one wants to accept that something is wrong with them. These individuals do not want to acknowledge that they are struggling. That is primarily even if their psychological conditions affect others with their negative actions or behavior. Sometimes, these people are not aware of how much they are hurting others as well. With that, it becomes a strong barrier that does not allow a resolution. In some unfortunate cases, those in denial individuals are more likely to justify the things they often do. They will insist that it is part of their personality. Honestly, it makes help becomes impossible.

Linked Disorder

What typically also makes it impossible to address mental health problems are the disorders that are related to some of it unnoticingly. Some examples of these are eating disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep deprivation, and a lot more. The thing is, people do not realize they are creating a bad habit out of their psychological issue. And since no one seems to care about it much, a lot of people agree that it is okay to experience those disturbing things. Funny, because there is always a stigma that gets attached to every individual’s belief with regards to supposed normal reaction of the public towards emotional and mental struggle.


Mental health problems are a lot more complicated than what most people think. It is not just as simple as determining what an individual is currently feeling right now, or what thoughts are running on his head. Mental health problems will continue to linger without any medical or professional treatment. And since the environmental and social issues will also become triggering factors to its unfortunate development, all people receive no exemptions.

Until today, a lot of experts are still figuring out other significant cases of mental illnesses. These professionals are trying to look into it and come up with valuable information that can be useful to the public. But as of the other known psychological conditions, it is essential that we all keep ourselves involved with helping those who are in need. With that, we all have to understand the silent facts of the many psychological problems.

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