Endangered World: Who Is Responsible? 

Global warming, ocean pollution, deforestation, crimes, and more – who is responsible? To think the humans are the most intelligent of all breathing creatures, yet we are the culprit in endangering the very planet we inhabit. Why do people harm Mother Nature? Why could some be so heartless to slaughter animals cruelly? What could be a valid reason to destroy the things around us? 


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How And Why Do Humans Endanger Earth? 


Global Warming 


Global warming is the increases in global temperature affecting the climate all over the world. It causes the melting of ice in poles which we know are mainly made up of ice. We also have noticed sudden phenomena such as tsunamis, earthquake, storm, forest fire, and more. They are all happening simultaneously as an effect of the rise in temperature. 


Ocean Pollution 


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Ocean pollution is the destruction of marine life because of human waste. The effect of it has been all over the internet lately. Marine life is affected because of the plastic that we throw in the ocean. The water is like the air we breathe for them, and it is likely that they will die if it is full of waste such as plastic. There have also been pictures of whales and turtles dying because of the plastic materials in the ocean. 




Deforestation is the cutting down of trees making an area ready for urbanization and commercialization. The population of humans is increasing. From almost 2 billion a hundred years ago to nearly 8 billion today. The increase in population means the demand in a larger area. Sadly, we need to cut down forests to acquire the land we need.  


Animal Slaughter 


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Animal slaughter is the merciless killing of animals for human use. To think that we were entrusted to look over them.  Yes, animals are for human consumption, but do we need to kill them brutally? For instance, brutally beating cows and forcing them to produce milk, grinding animals alive such as, again, cows and chickens to produce meat. Some people are not aware of the bitter end these animals have to go through to satisfy their hunger. 




Crimes such as murder and rape are among the evilest crimes people commit to one another. Yes, humans also harm humans, and it is the saddest part. We tend to be greedy about our needs and wants that we go out our means to meet them. People kill people because of power, territory, religion, and more. 


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Humans are indeed the most intelligent breathing creatures, and with the facts today, they are also the most dangerous. Merciless beasts do not compare to the things humans are capable of as wild animals such as lions, bears, tigers, sharks, snakes, crocodiles and more follow their nature, their instinct. They hunt because that’s the way they are. However, us humans? Do we need to destroy everything in our path to be able to live satisfactorily and comfortably? Why does even one person own an acre while the rest cram in one poor place? Now all the unfortunate things that happen in this world, endangering it – who is responsible? 



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