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TCRSF Financial Sponsors

Adult sponsors: Please see the Teachers/Adult Sponsors page. Our Financial Sponsors donate funds, goods, and services that make this science fair possible!

Financial SPONSORS: THANK YOU for making a difference in the lives of our Twin Cities youth! Your contributions are making for better educational opportunities which teach critical thinking, project skills, communication, and research skills to our students. Because of our financial sponsors, we all win! Students, parents, adult sponsors, & volunteers: be sure to support our financial sponsors and remember them first when purchasing goods and services!

 If your organization would like to encourage students through science and technology, Contact Us about Financial Sponsor Funding Opportunities (PDF).

Facilities for this year's fair and other hosting services are provided by the University of Minnesota. Fair volunteers are provided by U.S.S. Nokomis and ROTC groups ( Army, Air Force, Navy) from the University of Minnesota as well as individuals interested in encouraging students in science education.

Our financial sponsor at the Platinum Level is:

Our financial sponsors at the Gold Level are:

Our financial sponsors at the Silver Level are:

Our financial sponsors at the Bronze Level are:

Our financial sponsors at the Contributing Level are:

THANK YOU to all our financial sponsors for your support of science & engineering education! Support these vendors for supporting science fair!

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