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For SRC pre-approval, please email your research plan before you start your experiments to src@tcrsf.org with your name, school, and grade in school. Either type your research plan into a Word document (see Research Plan and Post Project Summary Instructions ) or into TCRSF’s Research Plan Template. Save your plan as a PDF (in Word). Please see TCRSF Combined Electronic SRC and Registration.

2017 Complete Book: Rules & Forms

2017 All Intel ISEF Interactive Project Forms

Research Plan and Post Project Summary Instructions Type the plan into a Word document and save as PDF or use TCRSF's Research Plan Template

TCRSF Form 1D is created inside student registration.

Student Handbook

An explanation of each form can be found on the Intel ISEF website. The forms are available both on this page OR forms may be downloaded directly from Society for Science at https://student.societyforscience.org/forms

If you print forms, do NOT print forms on both sides! We must have the forms printed only on one side of each page. (No duplex printing.) Use white paper only – Do not use colored paper. No staples. Make sure the student’s name is on each page.

Society for Science has a helpful “Overview of Forms and Dates” page available at http://student.societyforscience.org/overview-forms-and-dates?pid=803

Each student is required to submit the abstract text electronically. Abstract documents will not be accepted. TCRSF generates an appropriate abstract document similar to the way ISEF generates abstracts. This TCRSF generated abstract is available for the students to print and use at the project. Remember – the abstract may be no more than 250 words for TCRSF competitions (both projects and research papers). HOWEVER, for projects and research papers advancing to state science fair/symposium or beyond, project abstracts are limited to 250 words and research paper abstracts are limited to 200 words. TCRSF will accept one abstract of up to 250 words for both, but if your research paper advances, you will need to edit the research paper abstract to a maximum of 200 words.

It is a good idea to save the text of the abstract as a Word document for easy copy-paste into our registration system.

Note: there is an option to use electronic versions of some of these forms in the TCRSF EZ SRC option. See Forms and Rules - Electronic SRC and Registration for details.

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