Frequently Asked Questions About The Effectiveness Of Online Therapy

Without a doubt, technology has significantly contributed to a better quality of life.  Numerous technological advancements and developments over the years made life more convenient. Activities and everyday tasks are more comfortable and more accessible for more people by the day.

Now, even in the healthcare industry, technology is useful for a lot of things. It is not solely for medical equipment, facilities, or clinical research but has taken a new form called telemedicine.

Psychological healthcare providers have been promoting telemedicine even before the outbreak of COVID. Telemedicine maximizes the use of technology and the internet. It has quickly carved a niche for itself because of the restrictions placed by the pandemic.

Face-to-face therapies have become less accessible.  With telemedicine, consultations, prescriptions, and therapies have become much more accessible.


Telepsychiatry, also known as telemental health care, is a developing branch of telehealth. It is a broad spectrum of effective mental health treatments and approaches on a virtual or remote scale. It is one of the most sought after online medical services, the most popular being teletherapy.

Teletherapy is different from in-person or traditional solutions. Its main focus is to provide treatment through video-conferencing, audio/calls, or text messaging. 

Many people are still skeptical about telehealth’s effectiveness, but there is evidence to support its impact. Numerous studies have shown that many patients see continuous improvement in their mental state.

Online mental health care services, such as teletherapy, may be unconventional. Still, they can significantly provide the same support and intervention.

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions about teletherapy and its effectiveness.

What is the best online therapy site?

Telemedicine is becoming more popular due to its convenience. Considered to be the best online therapy site is BetterHelp. It is an online platform where they offer comprehensive mental health support for teens, couples, adults, and families.

At the same time, their counseling services are conducted by qualified professionals. BetterHelp gives you the liberty to message your therapist at any time and schedule your sessions when it is most convenient for you.

Does online therapy really work?

Studies have suggested that online therapy works as well as face-to-face consultation. There are specific therapies that work just the same, even remotely, as cognitive-behavioral therapy. This treatment is talk therapy for specific mental health conditions.

Should I try online therapy?

There is no harm in trying online therapy, especially if you feel like it is more convenient and comfortable for you. Aside from that, online therapy can be more affordable than the traditional method. Rest assured that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

What are the 3 types of therapy?

The three types of therapy are the following:

1. Psychotherapy

It involves exchanging thoughts with a licensed mental health practitioner.

2. Traditional Therapy

It is often called counseling, which may be done in groups.

3. Exposure Therapy

The name itself is about triggering symptoms in patients under a controlled environment.

Is online counseling Safe?

Online counseling is safe, but people should still be wary because there may also be risks involved. It is crucial to find a trusted online site where you can be sure your private information is secured and not leaked.

It is also critical that you check and verify the license of your chosen mental health professional.


What type of therapist makes the most money?

Data suggests that a psychiatrist is the type of therapist that makes the most money. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in treating mental disorders with medication management. They can also do talk therapy if needed.

Which type of therapy is best?

Given that psychotherapy is the most common form of therapy used to treat numerous mental illnesses, it is also considered the best therapy type.

Different psychotherapy forms, such as cognitive-behavior therapy, humanistic therapy, psychoanalysis therapy, and holistic therapy.

How do I choose a therapist?

Choosing the right therapist for you is an essential step in therapy. It would be best to find someone who is credible and reliable. Look for a therapist whom you are comfortable with to open up with and whom you can trust.

A therapist must be like a friend or a family that you can confide in anytime, with no judgment. Also, make sure that your therapist does not impose anything on your life.

Do therapists hug their clients?

Physical contact is strictly not permitted between a therapist and the client. Although a client initiates the hug in some cases, a therapist may allow it under his/her discretion but should only be a sidewards hug with minimal contact and should be brief.

Is there a shortage of mental health therapists?

The United States is currently experiencing a shortage of mental health therapists. With the numbers of mental health sufferers alarmingly increasing day-by-day, the demand is also increasing. There are not enough licensed mental health practitioners to help or are readily accessible to the general public.

As a medical practice, remote healthcare has seen exponential growth in its popularity since the global health crisis.  For many psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental healthcare providers, virtual appointments are the norm.

There are multiple internet platforms or sites available for teletherapy to choose from. Some are even free.  For many people who suffer from mental health disorders, this is a feasible way for them to get the help they need.


Online therapy offers a wider range of opportunities for people who couldn’t access proper mental health care services before. Logistical problems, busy schedules, and other obstacles are easier to plan around.

More than that, it is more affordable. People can do it in the comfort of their homes without having to worry about transportation costs. Even when it isn’t free, teletherapy is far less expensive. 

Telemedicine is far from perfect and has its own set of limitations.  Exclusively seeing their healthcare providers through the screen can be difficult for a lot of patients. Opening up and being honest about their conditions can feel unnatural and stop them from doing so.

Doctors are no exception to its limits. Diagnosing patients can be harder to do virtually. Technology can be elusive for people who are older in age. 

Telemedicine in psychiatry and psychological health services has a bright future ahead. Evidence suggests telepsychiatry delivers outstanding mental health care. It is a practical alternative to traditional treatments. Online therapy can save more lives.

Unwanted Behaviors Associated With A Mental Illness

I am not the most likable individual, and somehow I get the idea why. I am short-tempered, and I quickly get out of control every time I am upset. Sometimes when people around me tend to irritate me, I feel different. It is as if I can grow hatred in a short span of time. Honestly, I thought all of it was part of my personality. I tried validating my character and use my upbringing and environment as an excuse. However, after knowing that something out of my usual understanding is affecting my behavior, I snapped. I never entirely thought a mental health issue is a reason why I am misbehaving.


With Uncontrollable Anger

For those people who knew me, they are used to my attitude. Sometimes, they tend to ignore me because they thought it was only part of a tantrum. In some cases, their avoidance worked miraculously. But often, the more they ignore me, the more agitated I get. And when I am at the stage where I want their full attention, but they are not giving it to me, I go ballistic. I always felt like I am about to explode. In some worse cases, especially in public places, I often make a scene. I am not proud of it or anything, but I cannot contain the weight of my anger. I can’t control it even if I knew it could get me in trouble. I believed all of that was part of my strong personality. I thought of it as a positive trait that can make people aware of the things I can do. But boy, I never knew it was never that way.

Physically And Emotionally Abusive

I am sorry for this because I know it is the worst behavior someone could have. Unfortunately, I belong to the few who are physically abusive. It is by nature as what others say about me. Perhaps they thought it was part of my personality since I grew up in a worst-situated environment. I honestly thought the same way too. Every time people annoy me, they often receive tons of god-forbidden words that come out of my mouth. There is the insult, blame, and humiliation from head to toe. Honestly, I can’t count anymore how million times I have used the word “stupid” and “useless” to describe a person I know and not know. Do I feel for that? Unfortunately, I was not.


Socially Anxious

One piece of information about me is that I treat people harshly, but I am socially anxious. The irony here is that I can surround myself with few people, provided that I consider them below me. I was not too fond of the crowd because I always thought that I wouldn’t stand out when I was with many people. That even if I tend to show some talent and all that stuff, I would still become part of the average ones. And that is one thing I can’t live with. As much as possible, I want to be the best, and the only thing I can do to make it possible is to stay away from people who are more talented, unique, beautiful, and intelligent more than me. Yes, that sounded pretty much the whole “you are insane” thing, and I get that often.

Feeling Entitled

One of the factors that many people hate me is because they think I am overly entitled. I get to choose the people I want to spend time with, and I quickly dump those I don’t want to be around me anymore. I don’t feel guilty about it. I believe in every individual’s purpose. Thus, if having that person near me does not benefit me, he or she is useless and needs to get out of my life as soon as possible. Sorry about that, but I always picture myself having a mutual relationship with other people. And when I say mutual, benefits and sacrifices must go both ways. I don’t particularly appreciate compromising for other individual’s sake because I somehow get that feeling of possible betrayal.


Sense Of Depletion

I am an overly confident individual who always thinks about myself as highly competitive, charming, and intelligent. I somehow believe that those are the quality that some people like about me. However, I know I have unwanted attributes too. And sometimes, when people noticed that, it automatically hurts me deep within. And when I feel like they are avoiding me for being unreasonable, it makes me sad. Not just sad, but depressed. That is where I overthink stuff, and sometimes when I can’t handle the emotional pain anymore, I rely on isolation.



Having all of this unwanted behavior is something I thought was normal. But after realizing the things I did and listening to people’s experience of having me around, that is where I knew something wasn’t right. When I try to learn things about me, I discovered that I am mentally ill. I have a narcissistic personality disorder, which explains why I have anger issues, physically and emotionally abusive, socially anxious, and entitled, but get a sense of depletion.

The Science Of Happiness That Contributes To Family Dynamics

As an individual, you go from worrying about your happiness to caring for others. It is human nature. The idea of wanting to provide others the right amount of mental and emotional stability somehow lies in your ability to do so. No, it is not an obligatory task. But with your compassion and selfless love, you sometimes give everything you got, especially to the ones you love – family.


In your life, you often go from being merely a member of your family to being the leader. That is where the epiphany starts. It is where you realize something that you genuinely need to accomplish. It’s when you have these thoughts of changing the chapters of everybody’s lives because you know you have to. You become the center of hope and motivation of the whole unit.

Knowing What Makes Others Happy

Being part of a unit called family requires all sorts of contributions. There is a contribution to everybody’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. That particular knowledge of your purpose can lead you to the fulfillment of your goal, which is to provide the family with the kind of happiness they deserve. But how would you know what makes them happy? Here’s how.

You Value Their Effort – If you know and understand the value of efforts your family puts into gaining something, that is where you can tell their happiness lies. It could be something related to their talents, hobbies, and interests. When you genuinely take a moment to appreciate their hard work, that makes them appreciate you back and loves you more unconditionally.


You Understand Their Actions – Family members who sometimes end up hating each other somehow relate to not understanding others’ actions. As an individual, you are capable of understanding. But sometimes, you take someone’s actions too seriously. That explains why you either get offended or you simply just ignore.

You Know Their Ups And Downs – You will never fully commit to making your family happy when you don’t know their ups and downs. Thus, it is essential that you take a moment and asks them about their thoughts and how they feel. Because sometimes, even the strongest or toughest individual in the family needs to know that someone can see that they are not always okay.

You Pay Attention – Perhaps you often hear that communication is the best way to keep family in a better relationship. That is true. However, communication inside the home doesn’t always have to be conversational. There are times that all you have to do is pay attention. You pay attention to what your family wants, what makes them sad, what strengthens them, and alike.

You Know What’s Going On – The secret to a family’s happiness is knowing what is going on. It is where you and your family understand everyone’s roles in keeping each member’s balance. You understand the stress and frustrations that everyone deals with every day. And you make an effort to help them no matter what.


Knowing What Makes You Happy

In a family dynamic, of course, not everything is all about your family’s happiness. Sometimes, you got to introduce to them your happiness. But can you identify what makes you happy? Here are some of the few things perhaps you would agree with.

When You See Them Smile – The secret to a happy family is always selfless love. That explains why when you see your loved ones smile, you become relieved as well. You attract all the positive energy they release and use it to fuel your desire. It makes your mental and emotional state capable of handling anxiety, stress, and even other sorts of mental illnesses.

When You Know Your Sacrifices Are Worth It – Not all individuals are willing to sacrifice their happiness. However, a few people can manage to live with sorrows and pain because they know their sacrifices will be worth it. They understand the necessity of giving up everything only to make way for a better future for the family. Though sometimes the action gets misunderstood, still, everyone appreciates the action.


When You Feel Loved And Appreciated – Happiness is not expensive. That is why when you feel appreciated and loved, you automatically become happy. Your family understands your needs as much you understand theirs. They also worry about you as much as you worry about them. Your happiness is their happiness.

Now that you understand how important happiness is to your family dynamics, you better do something about it. Never assume you still got plenty of time because that is where you tend to wastes all the little moments in between. So do yourself a favor and allow happiness to take place in your family relationship. Spend time with them, learn new things about them, and never forget to ask them if they are okay.

Sustainability During Quarantine: Growing Your Own Food


The recent Coronavirus outbreak has pushed many people indoors, including those who grow our food. Even if farmers do continue to harvest, quarantine protocols can mean closed borders. 

For these reasons, people are starting to turn to sustainability at home by growing their food. If you’re interested, here’s how you can start your garden of vegetables, crops, and fruits.

Find The Right Spot

Before anything else, check if you can dedicate some space to starting a garden. This spot doesn’t have to be permanent, but you need to ensure that you have room for plants. However, dedicating some outdoor space will allow you to have more food you can harvest.

Research And Choose What To Grow

Starting a garden at home will require some research. You may not be able to grow every type of vegetable or crop you want to at home. Some of these plants will fare better in specific climates and times of the year.

First, look into what crops and veggies are fit for the conditions where you live. If you’re staying in a cold climate, carrots, spinach, and fava beans are some of the best choices you have. If you’re in a tropical country, sweet potatoes and okra are suitable for such temperatures.


Another thing you should consider is how much sunlight your area gets. Those in sunny states and countries have more options. They can grow tomatoes, radishes, carrots, and chilies. If you find your place a little cloudier on most days, choose leafy greens and herbs.

If you’re having difficulty deciding what to plant, guides can help you plan your garden. Seed packets typically have some useful information, such as a planting schedule. This information will tell you during which months it’s best to plant.

Technology is also here to help. There’s an app called Gardenate that gives you data on different vegetables and helps you schedule your plants. Recently, online gardening communities have also grown, including on Facebook. You can thus connect with individuals who may have a plethora of tips for you.

Get Your Seeds And Supplies

Now here comes the fun part. After you’ve planned your garden out, you can now purchase the seeds or seedlings as well as supplies you need to start your garden. Make a list of what you’ll need, namely: seeds, soil, pots, tools, and fertilizer.


Pay attention to the soil you’ll be buying. Plants will grow best in specific soil types – which will be loam, clay, or sand. Ensure that you’ve looked into this while doing research. As for containers, you may want to get or DIY a seed starter tray. You’ll wait for them to sprout before moving them into individual pots or the ground.

For tools, only get what you need for your specific vegetables and crops. Don’t go overboard and pretend that you’re running a whole farm. You can ask the people at your local garden supply store what you’ll need. To give your plants the best chance they have of growing produce, enrich the soil you’re planting in. One option is to purchase fertilizer. Another is to use or make compost.

Sow Your Seeds

After you have collected your supplies, it’s time to plant your seeds or seedlings. Again, some plants will fare better if you grow them in seed trays first before moving them. If you’re worried about moving them later, there are several videos online that show you what to do.

Care And Patience

Now comes the part that requires your patience and attention. Most people think that you need to water your plants daily. However, not every plant is the same. Some can survive with less water, while others will be quite needy with hydration. Refer to specific guides that tell you how much your vegetables or crops need to stay healthy.


You may also need to cover up some of your plants. This action will keep them safe from pests as well as other environmental factors. Covering them will also prevent your furry friends from chewing on or playing with them.


After enough patience and waiting, you’ll be able to harvest the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor. Some veggies and crops will sprout faster than others, so don’t expect to reap everything at the same time. 

Final Verdict

Choosing to grow your food is a step towards sustainability and practicality. It can also help you when you feel anxiety or sadness, things many of us experience during this lockdown. “We talk about gardening in general as an excellent coping skill which helps decrease depression,” says Nancy Goranson, PsyD.

After all the care you put in, we’re sure your food will taste better than what you buy from the store.

Environmental Impacts And Sustainability During COVID-19

The coronavirus has attacked several countries worldwide economically, mentally, and emotionally. As countries perform their best in addressing their constituents’ healthcare needs, they should also take serious action on environmental implications. Several news articles and blogs regarding the pandemic’s environmental impacts have recently come to light. Meanwhile, environmentalists and experts are currently discerning whether these results are consequences or benefits. Will this extreme drop in global emissions make a difference, or lead to a sharp hike as old habits return?


Environmental Impacts Of The Pandemic

With mandatory lockdown in place, governments require citizens to stay home, prompting a significant drop in unnecessary travel. Transportation makes up 23% of global carbon emissions, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Similarly, air travel drops to 60%, says the International Civil Aviation Organization. The aviation industry accounts for 2.5% of global greenhouse gases caused by energy-related emissions. Cities experience lesser carbon emissions and cleaner air since there are few private vehicles and flights.

However, this lockdown pushes people at home to order take-out instead, encouraging restaurant businesses to resort to using single-use plastics. When environmentalists thought entrepreneurs were through with plastic containers, utensils, and bags, these synthetic materials made a comeback. In turn, companies producing plastic materials need to settle the demand with a much-needed supply.

While some industries of non-essential items remain on hold, so are their production factories. Experts look into historical data, specifically during the economic downturn of 2008, stretching to 2009. Studying the numbers from the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, global greenhouse gas emissions during the recession slowed. This pattern has led specialists to believe the same will happen this time around during the coronavirus. However, economies may see a spike in emissions the following year as industries would work to make up for their losses.

Citizens and businesses are losing their eco-friendly practices to adapt to the pandemic’s new normal. For instance, residential and retail stores are dropping proper waste management due to lack of workforce and possibly cost-cutting. Also, communities overlook the waste management of protective gear and healthcare materials.


These accumulated efforts result in what leading experts expect as a 0.3% drop in global greenhouse gas emissions for 2020. However, this drop is less evident compared to the change in emissions during the recession. This little drop does not guarantee any significant improvements to our environment. A substantial and impactful environmental feat in the world needs to follow environmentally sustainable habits.

Sustainable Actions After COVID-19

Given these pressing environmental issues, forward-thinking campaigners and environmentalists call upon businesses and governments to invoke sustainability. Citizens, enterprises, and authorities need to work together in this fight.

Some cities have already started implementing initiatives towards a new normal by adjusting their transportation systems when governments lift the quarantine. For example, they have replaced lanes for bikes instead of cars in Milan, Bogota, Seattle, and New York City.

Widening sidewalks will also promote a more liveable lifestyle as locals would feel safe to walk to public spaces instead. This widening will serve as an alternative to public transportation. Cities would need to invest in environment-friendly means of commute like electric vehicles while also considering the issue of social distancing.

Being cooped up at home all day causes much anxiety and stress. According to Dr Jelena Kecmanovic, Ph.D., “It is important to acknowledge that a lot of anxious thoughts and emotions will show up during this time, and to accept them rather than trying to push them away or escape them.” Mental health experts have also come forward with tips and practices to keep your emotional and mental health in check. They advise their patients to limit their social media time, create a healthy routine, and reflect on and accept emotions.


After this lockdown, societies can expect people to flock to public spaces. Therefore, it is best to prepare with a game plan. Some cities are finding creative ways to enforce “physical distance-friendly recreation” intended for exercise or walks. A need for recreational public spaces requires strict planning and implementation.

Other forms of recreation businesses should consider adapting are open-air dining for restaurants. Since the virus can spread in crowded areas, establishments can explore having outdoor dining experiences while keeping their diners at safe distances. They would also need to amp up their sanitary efforts as well. Meanwhile, drive-in movie theaters sound like a fun date post-pandemic.

Even as cities enjoy cleaner air and lesser emissions this time around, they should not be complacent. To make significant environmental impacts after this pandemic, communities need to work together with businesses and governments to practice greener and sustainable procedures. With collective efforts, the world can help each other move forward with the new normal.

Make A Stand In Fighting Global Warming: Things We Can Do To Stop It


Global warming is an imminent problem humanity is facing. Climate change happens in every region of the globe from wildfires, typhoons, hurricanes, hailstorms, and more. These events are now happening one after the other, and global warming plays a significant role in it.

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Why Chemistry Should Not Be The Most Hated Subject

Try asking around students about their most hated subject. They will answer either Math or Chemistry. How could they hate these two essential subjects which could help them tremendously in life? These two hold facts and equations that are constant which gives you a vital knowledge in surviving.

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Characteristics Of A Scientist


What is the purpose of your life? Are you here to study, work, drink with friends on the weekend, and just pass? Some people possess specific characteristics that are suitable for a scientist. Scientists are the people who make sure that we understand the things around us, even the ones inside us. Science is everywhere we look, and to know about it is a gift to make life more comprehensible.

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How People’s Way Of Thinking Affects The Environment


I do not want to sound like a hypocrite because I know I am also one of the many who tends to abuse the environment. I will never excuse myself by saying that I am allowed to hurt and damage the environment for the benefit of my living. I fully understand that the damages I am causing the environment to have nothing to do with my survival. But to make a point, I would like to emphasize that one of the most unacceptable excuses of humans like us can make in terms of damaging the environment is the goal of achieving convenience. We believe that the world owes everything to us; that is why it has to provide a lot from scratch.

Everything Is About Our Needs And Demands For A Better Life

“Mental health issues can be caused by a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors, and can have a minor or major impact on a person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.” Christina L. Gmyr, LMHC, NCC said. It is not a sin to aim for a better life. It is not something that we should deprive ourselves because, at some point, we know we need it. However, that kind of mentality is somehow becoming the worst reason we can spit out. We believe that because the environment is the only thing that can fulfill our dream of experiencing convenience, its loss is never our problem. That it is only us that should benefit from the world’s effort because we are the ones capable of using it. That ideology is nothing but trash. But unfortunately, even if we know we do not deserve the benefits of the environment, we feel entitled to destroy it.


The Environment Will Never Run Out Of Resources

“Exposure to nature enhances the ability to cope with and heal from stress and recover from injury or illness more quickly.” –Dr. Carlene Taylor, LMHC, LPC, CPCS, NCC

A lot of us stupid people believe in one thing. It is the environment’s unlimited supply of everything. No offense, but all of us are idiots. We assume that because the environment has a lot of fish in the ocean, birds in the air, and animals in the forest, we human are safe with that. There is this mentality that our food, clothes, and shelter will never run out. Perhaps that is because we know that the world is enormous and that it can sustain its environmental production for specific business and industries. But that is bullshit. Everything that we destroy in our environment will take it a hundred years to reproduce again. If it is not something we need to get concerned about, then what is?


Global Warming Is A myth

Global warming is the world’s most significant issue that even though it receives a lot of attention, it does not entirely get a solution. Why is that? Well, it is because we are inconsiderate and shitty individuals who only think about ourselves. We are so selfish that even if the evidence of losing the environment is in front of us, we still tend to ignore it. We, humans, are low-life creatures that only want convenience without bringing and giving something in return. It is our nature to use and destroy things because that is where we are good at. That is our reality.

“Environmental wellness is related to the surroundings you occupy. This dimension of health connects your overall well-being to the health of your environment.” –Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC

The environment is not in good shape, and we all know that. But what pisses me off is that people want to change it so bad. However, nobody is considering making an inch of adjustment.