Pills And My Psychological State

I was 16-years old when I had my first panic attack. My body experiences a fight or flight mode, and it was a sad day because I was literally on a plane at that time. I thought “am I experiencing claustrophobia?” “Was it due to a subconscious trauma” or “was it bad timing?” I don’t […]

Endangered World: Who Is Responsible? 

Global warming, ocean pollution, deforestation, crimes, and more – who is responsible? To think the humans are the most intelligent of all breathing creatures, yet we are the culprit in endangering the very planet we inhabit. Why do people harm Mother Nature? Why could some be so heartless to slaughter animals cruelly? What could be a valid […]

Psychiatric Medications And Mental Health

Nowadays, people are suffering from several mental illnesses because along with all the innovations are tons of stressors that disturb the peace of our minds, resulting in mental health problems.People should be aware that they need help with these conditions. Anxiety and depression are widespread issues that we face,but sadly, only a few are paying […]

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